Test Automation
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Test Automation Tools sessions form a significant part of our LIVE Test Automation Training in the software testing career path. Cucumber BDD is a very widely used open source functional test automation tool and the session focuses on testing web-based applications in an Agile BDD methodology in conjunction with Selenium WebDriver. The Test Automation session caters to Cucumber - a very popular testing tool, rather a very potential test automation tool combined with a Agile Process that runs automated acceptance tests written in a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) style.
We will walk you through the process of transforming various manual test cases into Cucumber BDD test automation scripts – from a hands-on and test automation project perspective.

You could showcase the Cucumber test automation tool as great asset on your CV! As a test automation specialist, you would automate testing the functionality of web applications.

Cucumber BDD Session Outline:

  • Agile BDD
  • Agile BDD (vs. Scrum)
  • Cucumber Overview
  • Cucumber Automation Framework
  • Components of Cucumber framework:
  • Configuration of: Cucumber / Selenium / JUnit
  • Cukes Layer-1: Feature File
  • Cukes Layer-2: Glue (Steps Definition)
  • Cukes Layer-3: Keywords Java File
  • Properties: Develop XPATHs & Configuration files
  • Translate BDD Scenarios -> Test Automation Scripts
  • Run Test Automation Scripts
  • Cucumber Reporting